Complaints - Suggestions

The Department of Cultural Technology and Communication has established a Student Complaints Committee to which students of the Department can submit their suggestions, comments and complaints by sending an email to

The Student Complaints Committee is an additional means of communication with the Department in addition to the institution of the Personal Counselor of Studies and consists of the President of the Department, a member of the Undergraduate Program Committee and a member of the Coordinating Committee of one of the two postgraduate programs. The Student Complaints Committee manages, records and examines complaints and proposes solutions and possibly refers the issues to the Assembly of the Department or to a higher level (Quality Assurance Unit), if necessary.  

This Committee does not replace the institutional complaints committee of the Quality Assurance Office of the University of the Aegean but operates as an intermediary level of communication between the students of the Department and its academic and administrative staff. Also, this Committee does not consider and does not response to messages with abusive content and to messages that contain insufficient or false contact information .