Academic Staff

The academic staff of the Department of Cultural Communication and Technology consists of scientists who come from different scientific fields, though they cooperate in an interdisciplinary framework promoting innovation. This academic pluralism reflects the interdisciplinarity of the Department and the culture of the university landscape.

The academic staff consists of scholars focusing on Informatics, Cultural Studies, Archeology, Museology, Environmental Science, Art History, Graphic Design, Cultural Industries, and Communication Studies.

The administrative and technical staff of the Department contributes daily to the support of its function.

Emeritus Professors

Βερνίκος Νικόλας

Vernikos Nikolaos

Δασκαλοπούλου Σοφία

Daskalopoulou Sophia



Αναγνωστόπουλος Χρήστος-Νικόλαος - Πρόεδρος Τμήματος

Anagnostopoulos Christos-Nikolaos

Computer Science with emphasis to Image Processing and Analysis

  ☎ 2251036624

Μπούνια Αλεξάνδρα

Bounia Alexandra


  ☎ 2251036630

Νταραντούμης Αθανάσιος

Daradoumis Athanasios

Educational Technology: Learning Models and Educational Data Analysis

  ☎ 2251036650


Καβακλή Ευαγγελία

Kavakli Evangelia

Information System

  ☎ 2251036612

Παπαγεωργίου Δημήτρης

Papageorgiou Dimitris

Performance Theory and Cultural Representation

  ☎ 2251036617

Παυλογεωργάτος Γεράσιμος

Pavlogeorgatos Gerasimos

Preservation of natural and cultural environment

  ☎ 2251036613

Σαμπανίκου Ευαγγελία

Sampanikou Evangelia

Art History and Virtual Culture

  ☎ 2251036618

Στάθη Ειρήνη

Stathi Irene

Film Studies:History and Theory of Film

  ☎ 2251036642

Τσεκούρας Γεώργιος

Tsekouras Georgios

Data Analytics and Modeling using Machine Learning

  ☎ 2251036631

Associate Professors

Καλλονιάτης Χρήστος

Kalloniatis Christos - Department Head

Privacy Requirements Engineering

  ☎ 2251036637

Καρυδάκης Γεώργιος

Caridakis Georgios

Multimodal, Intelligent, Natural and Affective Interaction

  ☎ 2251036644

Κορδάκη Μαρία

Kordaki Maria (retired)

Educational Technology

Μπουμπάρης Νικόλαος

Bubaris Nikolaos

Cultural Representation and Creative Media

  ☎ 2251036629

Σκοπετέας Ιωάννης

Skopeteas Ioannis

Screenwriting and Direction in Digital Audiovisual Arts

  ☎ 2251036639

Χουρμουζιάδη Αναστασία

Chourmouziadi Anastasia

Museum and exhibition theory and design

  ☎ 2251036652


Permanent Assistant Professors

Κασαπάκης Βλάσιος

Kasapakis Vlasios

3D Graphics & Mixed Reality

  ☎ 22510-36638

Καταπότη Δέσποινα

Catapoti Despoina

Cultural Theory and Digital Culture

  ☎ 2251036626

Κώτης Κωνσταντίνος

Kotis Konstantinos

Internet and WWW Technologies

  ☎ 22510-36620


Assistant Professors

Πούλου Δέσποινα

Poulou Despina

Culture and Digital Audiovisual Media




Souliotou Anastasia-Zoi

Souliotou Anastasia-Zoi

Audiovisual arts and creative industries




Laboratory Teaching Staff/Special Technical Laboratory Staff/Special Teaching Staff

Νικολαρέα Αικατερίνη

Nikolarea Aikaterini

English for Specific Purposes; EAP: English for Academic Purposes; Translation Theory-Translation; Interpreting; Theatre Translation; Comparative Literature

  ☎ 2251036438

Μαυροφίδης Θωμάς

Mavrofides Thomas

Sociotechnical Systems

  ☎ 2251036632

Μπακάλης Χρήστος

Bakalis Christos

Sociology of Culture and Environmental Sociology

  ☎ 2251036555


Σιδερή Μαρία

Sideri Maria

Social Networks and Identities in Digital Media

  ☎ 2251036610

Σπάθης Αλέξανδρος

Spathis Alexandros

3D graphics, image & sound editing

  ☎ 2251036628

Ηλιάδης Γιάννης

Iliadis Ioannis

Research, Documentation and Management of Digital Cultural Data

  ☎ 2251036672



Simou Stavros

Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

  ☎ 2251036663


Chatzigeorgiou Triada

Social and Cultural Identities

  ☎ 2251036611



Zangoyianni Paraskevi-Chrysovalantou

Zangoyianni Paraskevi-Chrysovalantou

Teaching Methodology



Κελίδου Ελισάβετ

Kelidou Elisavet

Graphic Design

  ☎ 2251036645



Χατζηγιαννάκης Νικόλαος

Chatzigiannakis Nikolaos

Procedural and Object Oriented Programming

  ☎ 2251041688



Xrysanthi Aggeliki

Chrysanthi Angeliki

Digital Heritage and Culture

  ☎ 6946094378