Research Subject Areas

The Department of Cultural Technology and Communication supports research efforts that cover a wide range of fields of knowledge, such as IT, Social and Cultural and Communication Studies.

The Department implements research programs related to the subject areas of its field of interest. In this way, it contributes to the recording, analysis, and highlighting of aspects and practices of Greek, European and world culture through the quality production and management of cultural services and products. The specific orientation and objectives of the Department are connected to the modern European and international standards for the upgrading and constitution of a new systematic framework for the products of Culture, Digital Culture and Intercultural Communication.

The D.C.T.C. cooperates with public and private organizations and companies to implement Greek, European and International Research Programs. In order to cater for both teaching and research needs, the D.C.T.C. has nine statutory Research Laboratories which focus on their specialized fields. The D.C.T.C. research fields include the preparation of original theses for the Ph.D. candidates who are supervised and collaborated by the academic staff of the Department following the scientific and research objectives that define the area of Cultural Technology and Communication.