Department’s Studies Objectives

The Department of Cultural Technology and Communication aims to educate new scientists in the academic fields listed below:

• Information Technologies
• Cultural Studies
• The application of Information and Communication Technologies in the production and management of digital cultural content

In particular, D.C.T.C.’s objectives include:

• The cultivation and promotion of knowledge regarding culture and cultural heritage
• The exploitation of information technologies in the context of culture and cultural management
• The design, production, management and dissemination of cultural products and services, towards the conservation, promotion and social exploitation of the Greek cultural heritage within the European Union and the global community

The D.C.T.C. Studies Program incorporates:

• Basic principles of cultural and communication theory for understanding, managing and disseminating cultural information
• Basic principles for the conservation and management of the intangible and tangible cultural heritage
• Theories of communication and digital media for the implementation of audiovisual projects
• Theories of museology and museum education for the implementation of applications for museums and related cultural organizations
• Learning theories and models for the design, implementation and evaluation of educational scenarios and educational technology applications
• Basic programming principles
• Basic principles of database systems’ design and information systems’ development
• Digital processing methods and tools