Ph.D. programme

General overview

The Graduate Program of Study leading to the acquisition of a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in the field of Cultural Technology and Communication, accepts applications from students with a Master’s Degree, from national and/or international educational institutions. Only under exceptional circumstances, applicants that do not possess a Master’s Degree may become accepted, based on proven experience in research and academic writing, whose equivalence is officially recognized in Greece and is also compatible with the fields of scientific interest of the Department (according to the University’s Graduate Studies Regulation).

The minimum number of years for the completion of a doctoral dissertation is three, full-calendar years, from the date of the appointment of the candidate's advisory committee. The maximum time allowed for obtaining a Ph.D. degree may not exceed six, full-calendar years.

Candidates interested in applying for a Ph.D. at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication have to submit their application via email to the Departmental Secretary along with a detailed curriculum vitae and certified copies of their degrees. The General Professors Assembly decides on the selection of the Ph.D. candidates and appoints the members of the Ph.D. Thesis Advisory Committee.

During the preparation of the dissertation, students conduct original research or fieldwork; they develop their research skills and deepen their knowledge in a given field. The Department's academic staff supervises doctoral research in a wide array of subjects, pertinent to the Department's field of knowledge. Participation in the Supervising Committee is also open to academic staff from other (national or international) universities, as well as researchers, who hold Ph.D. diplomas and are members of staff (tier A, B, C) in recognized national or international research centers and institutions. During their doctoral studies, Ph.D. candidates form part of the research body of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean, which includes academic research, researchers and technical staff.