Computer Laboratories

The computer labs of the Department are open to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

The PC labs that are available to the Undergraduate students are:

• The Anthropogeography Lab, located in the basement of the Geography building. In total 26 workstations are available.
• Two PC labs (small and large), located on the 2nd floor of the Geography Building. In total 40 workstations are available.

The laboratories support the teaching of the courses and the laboratory assignments of the Department's Undergraduate Curriculum. At the same time, they are available to students for managing Internet services (e-class platform, research, e-mail, etc.).

The PC labs that are available to both Postgraduate students and Undergraduate students are:

• The lab located on the ground floor of the Campus Restaurant Building, which includes 20 workstations. It is available to support the teaching of the courses and the laboratory assignments of the Master's Degree Program in Cultural Informatics.
• The lab located on the 1st floor of the Club Building with 11 workstations. The lab is available to Postgraduate students for research and implementation of the course projects and their theses.
The list of basic laboratory safety rules which are given below must be followed in every laboratory of the Department in order to ensure both proper functioning and safety of the infrastructure.

Use only your personal username and password as students will be accountable for any issue which may arise during their logins. Computer settings and interfaces are predetermined for all student’s accounts, with no further authorization for making any changes. Sharing one’s personal username or password is considered unacceptable for mobile access too.

Using more than one PCs is prohibited even if there are plenty of free PCs in the lab at a specific time.

No eating, drinking, smoking or using mobile phones in the lab at any time.

Any rubbish produced during your working hours should be thrown into the rubbish bins of the lab or taken with you upon departure.

Do not download any kind of software (free software included) on the laboratory PCs. Hard drives will be frequently checked, and unwanted files will be permanently deleted without prior notification. Students found in violation of this safety rule will be deprived of accessing their accounts impermanently or permanently.

Before leaving the lab make sure that you have shut down your PC.

Be sure that you use only the allocated post-graduate students’ PCs without interfering in any of the other laboratory PCs as they are used for different purposes.

Since the laboratory does not offer any medium for data storage, it is advisable that you provide your own data storage or zip your projects before saving or transferring your files. As noted above, it is important to bear in mind that any files saved on the hard drives of the PCs will be permanently deleted without prior notification. In case of short-term saving, please use the D Drive: