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NEWS -  4th and 5th CHIRON fellows appointed- December 2007

Elodie Moreau and Lavina Shahani (from France and the UK respectively) have been appointed as the 4th and 5th (and last) Marie Curie Chiron Fellows at the University of the Aegean for a period of 12 months from December 2007.

Elodie Moreau studied European Studies and Languages at the Université Marc Bloch in Strasbourg, France, and completed a Master of Arts in Euroculture at the Uniwersytet Jagielloński in Krakow, Poland. She just obtained a Master’s Degree in Art Gallery and Museum Studies with a dissertation titled “A Digital Future for Looted Museums?”, under the supervision of Dr Kostas Arvanitis, at the University of Manchester. In her CHIRON fellowship, Elodie Moreau will examine issues of national museums and national identity in Europe in the era of new technologies, especially websites (under the supervision of Maria Economou and Alexandra Bounia). She will also be attending “NaMU: Making National Museums”, a Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses.

Lavina Shahani has been appointed as the 5th Marie Curie Chiron Fellows at the University of the Aegean for a period of 12 months starting in December 2007. Co-supervised by Dr Maria Economou and Dr Niki Nikonanou she will be researching issues of communities and how this relationship is reshaped by the use of new technologies. Lavina holds a Bachelors of Arts in Art History from The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Master of Arts in Art Gallery and Museum Studies from Manchester University. She has also undertaken studies at University College Utrecht in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Eotovos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary and Charles University in Prague, The Czech Republic. Lavina’s experience and interests in community-based cultural projects have been informed by her various work experience at both Museums and Not-for-Profit organizations. She has worked as a docent at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and as a project assistant at the Manchester Museum on the community engagement film series “Collective Conversations.” She has also been a development intern at New York’s Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and just recently finished a visual arts internship with VSA arts, an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts working with artists with disabilities.

NEWS -  3d CHIRON fellow appointed - September 2007

Ion Gil Fuentetaja studied History – Cultural Heritage at the University of Deusto in Spain and completed a Master of Arts in Euroculture at the same university. He is registered for a PhD at the University of Deusto working on “Knowledge-based society and Innovation in the new cultural spaces”.

Between 2003-07 he was a member of the research team investigación eK+i; Culture, Development and Innovation in Europe at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Deusto working on several projects related with the use of ICT in cultural heritage. He has helped to organise and participated in several international conferences.

His research during the CHIRON fellowship will focus on the study of the use online museum collections.

NEWS - PhD awarded to 1st CHIRON fellow- 8 November 2006

Laia Pujol Tost, the 1st Chiron Fellow at UoA, has been awarded a European PhD from the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), where she passed her viva (cum laude). Her doctoral dissertation's title is “Archaeology, museums and computers: semiotic approach to the use of VR for the dissemination of Archaeology in museums”. Supervisor: Dr. Paloma González Marcén.

NEWS - 2nd CHIRON fellow appointed - 1 June 2006

Ruggero Lancia has been appointed as the second Marie Curie Chiron Fellow for a period of one year, starting in June 2006, also working at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication under the supervision of Dr Maria Economou.

The main subject of his research will be an analysis of the interrelation between Architecture and Audiovisuals. In particular, he will investigate the practices of collecting, preserving and interpreting Built Heritage by digital audiovisual products, combining a theoretical framework with the analysis of specific case studies.

Ruggero was born in Rome and graduated with a first class degree in Architecture at the University of “Roma Tre”, defending a thesis about the linguistic relations between Cinema and Architecture, with supervisors Prof. Arch. Francesco Cellini, dean of the Architecture Faculty, and Prof. Giorgio De Vincenti, principal of the Department of Communication and Spectacle. He obtained a Master’s Degree in 1999-2000 with the dissertation “Approaching Architecture through its Historical and Social Context”, at the Department of Architectural Projects of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, under the supervision of Prof. Arch. Enric Miralles and Prof. Arch. Joseph Muntañola. He has attended several courses on theatre costume and set design, direction and acting, as well as cinema direction and editing and has collaborated in the production of documentaries, the direction of operas and artworks in Italy and the design of multimedia products. He was enroled in 2004-05 as a doctoral student at the course “Cinema and its relations with theatre and the others arts” at the doctoral school “Culture of Transformations of City and Territory” of the University of “Roma Tre” (after winning competitive examinations for doctoral studies organised by the Institute of Architecture of the University of Venice).

NEWS - Award for CHIRON fellow at VSMM05 conference - 10 October 2005

At the VSMM 2005 (Virtual Systems and Multimedia) Conference in Ghent, Belgium, where Laia Pujol Tost presented a paper on 'Interactivity in Virtual and Multimedia Environments: a Meeting Point for Education and ICT in Archaeological Museums', she was awarded the Young Researcher Award, one of the two Tsuyoshi and Ai Endowments (TAE) for major contributions to the VSMM Society <> or its conferences, established by Professor Takeo Ojika, founder of the VSMM Society <> .

NEWS 1st CHIRON fellow appointed - May 2005

Laia Pujol Tost has been appointed as the Marie Curie fellow (Early Stage Research Training Action) at the University of the Aegean for a period of two years, starting in May 2005. She is working at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication under the supervision of Dr Maria Economou on the research project 'New Forms of Museum Communication: Virtual Exhibitions and Visitors'. This project is part of the wider research network CHIRON: Cultural Heritage Informatics Research Oriented Network , 2005-2008, which is supported by the European Community's Sixth Framework Programme under contract number MEST-CT-2004-514539.

Laia is investigating the use of virtual reality in archaeological presentations and interpretations of the past and its effect on visitors. Using different case studies, she is studying, among others, the role of interactivity, the social context of the visit and the role of the education guide or mediator, and the effect of different design and navigation strategies on different types of audiences. Laia was born in Barcelona, has studied history at Universitat Aut ònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Anthropology and Prehistory at the Université de Bordeaux-I. She did an M.Phil in prehistorical Archaeology at the UAB, where she is completing her doctoral dissertation on the use of virtual reality in archaeology and museums.